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Each CHPC coach has been properly certified by the High Performance Institute to ensure you always receive outstanding quality.

Here are our LEAD Coaches, with many more globally available as needed)

Rolf Foster-Jorgensen

  • Learn from Rolf's 35+ years as a global lead consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach to Fortune 500 clients as evidenced by 12,000+ LinkedIn connections

  • Honoured to be awarded as the top “Facilitation Partner of the Year” by BI Worldwide, then a US$400 million Malcolm Baldrige service award winner

  • Served as 2015 Co-Chair of the International Association of Facilitators Americas Conference

  • Featured Speaker at inaugural Super Achievers Summit 2017 in Bengaluru (Bangalore), spotlighting 19+ years of educational service in India
  • In addition to many corporate clients, have also served government, indigenous tribes, NGO's, not-for-profit associations, etc. and as university adjunct instructor
  • Also owned multi-million dollar businesses with hundreds of employees

Rolf loves to video conference with grandchildren, and perform timpani and Latin percussion with the oldest fire department concert band in Canada. His wife is a global management and finance consultant and coach to child care directors. 

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Bronwen Lynch, Technology Product Leader, UK firm

My biggest win from high performance coaching with Rolf is feeling confident that I can navigate any situation presented while functioning at my highest potential. Although our discussions for the most part remained focused on business scenarios, I found myself applying the learned behaviors to all facets of my life. Having the tools and techniques to help one get through challenges in a work environment or in one's personal life with ease is extremely valuable.

Yasemin Inal

Yasemin has been a big dreamer and doer all her life. At 17, she came to the US from Istanbul, Turkey to study Public Relations/Journalism. After losing her father at 18, she had to work 3 jobs to be able to put herself through a private school and eventually an Ivy League grad school and graduated with the highest honors and most importantly without any student loans.

Professor turned entrepreneur, Yasemin started her company, Amplify Your Dreams, back in 2012 when she discovered her passion for coaching. She is a Certified High Performance Coach, International Speaker and a Podcast host of Brave Visibility. She loves empowering ambitious, big-hearted entrepreneurs, professionals and high achievers to get out of their own ways and amplify their dreams so they can thrive personally and professionally. Corporate leaders particularly appreciate how she helps employees bring entrepreneurial drive and commitment to their corporate roles.

Yasemin lives in scenic Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and 3 kids, is a total musical theater nerd, loves spending time by the ocean or in the mountains and is a lover of all things chocolate.

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Nickey Rautenberg, CEO, business services company

What I love most about Yasemin is her authenticity; what you see and hear is what you get. Her lead-by-example style is infectious and makes you want to show up in your own life as a confident and open-minded person. High Performance Coaching itself is unlike any other coaching I’ve had... The structure of the program was perfect for someone like me who tends to get off track with my goals here and there... The content was so much more thought-provoking and therefore life-changing than other programs I’ve been through... High Performance Coaching... really empowered me to step up and own my level of influence.


With so much on the line, the strongest companies ensure their leadership teams are equipped with technical managerial skills, company-specific protocols, and most importantly, skills to inspire, motivate, and coach their teams.

Certified High Performance Coaching augments leadership training to develop relationship skills proven to enhance leadership effectiveness.


To-date, the ONLY high performance coaching that is academically validated...with over 40,000 client sessions, 174,000+ people studied, amid worldwide research performed by the High Performance Institute.

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